About Me

I am Ananya

Namaste! With great love and respect … I welcome you with all my heart! My name is Ananya and I am a teacher & consultant in the field of astrology. The celestial bodies are interwoven in our lives in more ways than we know .. they influence our moods, thoughts, the decisions we make and the lives we lead. Who we are today and what we will be is an outcome, a sigma of these thoughts, actions, beliefs and decisions … Would it not be wonderful to decode the patterns and movements of these celestial bodies, and understand your true purpose in this life? Are you riddled about why certain life events have unfolded in a certain pattern in your life. .. would you like to break free of these patterns and the shackles they bind you in?

Having gone through these questions myself and walking different paths, exploring them, I have experienced that the ancient science of astrology can provide the right direction. Since a young age, I was fascinated by planets and stars, & how their movements bring change in our life. I wanted to know more about the unseen realms, and how spiritual tools might help us live better in the “here and now”. I was curious about any tool that would give me insight and access to divine wisdom.

I immersed myself in the field of astrology and pursued my Masters in Astrology followed by Jyotish Shashtracharya and Jyotish Rishi( Research). Armed with the knowledge of the ancients texts, I was always looking for applications that could help those coming to me for guidance. A quick statistical analysis depicted that if these learnings could be applied to the field of medicine, the upside could be limitless. Hence I chose the field of medical astrology and with dedicated study, I have been able to guide many who were looking for answers.


Astrology is not just a science .. it is divine knowledge. I am committed to help you know yourself and unleash your potential through the pursuit and application of this discipline. Our conversations will help you get in touch with your inner self, so that you can discover, explore and unleash your true power and maximize your potential.

I know that no matter what you dream of or the challenges you face, learning astrology will give you the insights and the power to help you create meaningful opportunities and a fulfilling life. So whether you have an interest to know the depths of this subject or have desire to know the limitless possibilities that life and fate has in store for you then I would be happy to help.


Astrology is a science of continuous learning. As I dive deeper into this subject, would want to share the knowledge with others too. This is also a space for those who are seeking guidance through astrology.