Aquarius : The Water Bearer of the Zodiac

After the whirlwind of holiday activities, you may find yourself craving solitude and rest. While December was likely filled with the vibrancy of friends and family, the new moon in Capricorn at 21 degrees on January 11 suggests a desire to withdraw a bit. This positive new moon brings ample opportunities, especially for focused research or creative work behind closed doors. If you harbor aspirations of writing a book or screenplay, January is the ideal time to commence, as you'll have the necessary time and concentration for a successful launch. Those working from home receive special favor during this period, with Jupiter still traversing your fourth house of home—your financial hub. Whether you're involved in property transactions or renovating existing assets, your timing is impeccable, and you're encouraged to proceed with your endeavors. Throughout the month, your intuition will be heightened to an extraordinary degree, bordering on the psychic. Pay heed to your hunches, as they serve as a protective guide for you. This intuitive prowess is a valuable asset to navigate the month ahead.