Cancer : The Crab of the Zodiac

Starting Jan 1st, after the festive season, a more relaxed pace awaits you, with a special focus on your spouse or significant other following the uplifting new moon at 21 degrees in Capricorn on January 11. This joyful lunar event triggers weeks of activity, making it an ideal time for significant relationship milestones, perhaps even a proposal. Harness this positive energy to initiate discussions about potential business partnerships or collaborations—it's a favorable period for such endeavors. The new moon sees Saturn harmoniously aligning with Jupiter and Mars. Mars empowers you with decisiveness, Jupiter brings excitement, and Saturn ensures your plans remain realistic and stable. Unexpectedly positive financial news may also come your way. As the month progresses, the full moon in Leo at 5 degrees on January 25 may bring the need to settle bills, potentially including taxes if you decide to tackle your tax return early. Although creditors may seem demanding, a fortunate alignment of planets suggests that a business partner or your spouse could offer support if you find yourself short on funds. In this aspect, all is likely to be well.