Capricorn : The Sea Goat of the Zodiac

As you step into your birthday time, a celestial celebration unfolds with the planets gathering around you like cheerful friends, bestowing special greetings and offering advantages in every situation. The presence of Mars in Capricorn, aligning with the majestic couple of the new moon and the Sun on January 14, promises a brightening of life in the ensuing days and weeks. Experience a newfound sense of control over events, a departure from the uncertainties of previous months. Alongside the Capricorn entourage, Jupiter, currently residing in the same cosmic dwelling, extends a friendly reach towards Mars. This cosmic alignment suggests the possibility of planning a spontaneous romantic getaway for you and your significant other—a perfect idea for this celebratory month. The full moon on January 25 in Leo, at 5 degrees, illuminates your eighth financial house, directing your attention to a significant monetary matter that you are likely to successfully conclude within five days of this lunar event. As a financially wise and trustworthy Capricorn, you may feel the pressure to settle financial obligations, but rest assured that you will navigate this with your characteristic practicality. While the Sun and moon transition to Aquarius and Leo respectively in the latter part of January, temporarily shifting your focus to finances, your mindset remains joyfully attuned to the celebratory spirit of your birthday season.