Gemini : The Twins of the Zodiac

January marks a shift from the social scene of December to a focus on business and financial management. Unlike the leisurely pace of the previous month, January moves with purpose and speed. With Mercury turning direct on January 1, you'll enter the month with renewed energy and a drive to set plans in motion. The pivotal event is the January 11 new moon in Capricorn (21 degrees), influencing your eighth house of shared finances. Kickstarting the year, prioritize organizing tax records for a lucrative financial year ahead, particularly when Jupiter enters Gemini in late May. Consider tackling paperwork early to fully embrace upcoming social and professional opportunities. If you've been contemplating tasks like writing a will or establishing a living trust, seize the moment. The January 11 new moon not only supports finding the right professional but also provides the motivation to get these crucial tasks done. The eighth house encompasses various financial aspects, making January ideal for applications related to commissions, bonuses, loans, and more. Schedule meetings to address these financial matters, and note that Jupiter's positive alignment with Mars enhances financial prospects, creating a promising start to the year.