Leo : The Lion of the Zodiac

While December experienced the retrograde motion of Mercury, causing a noticeable slowdown starting from December 13, January brings a contrasting environment, characterized by swift and dynamic energy, almost at the speed of light. The turnaround begins with Mercury turning direct on January 1, setting the stage for a rapid pace in the first ten days. As you get your bearings, assignments will flood in, kicking off with the new moon in Capricorn at 21 degrees on January 11. This new lunar phase carries the promise of delightful surprises in the days and weeks ahead, thanks to the influence of Uranus. The projects coming your way may bring a sense of satisfaction and joy. Especially noteworthy is the potential for career advancement in the first five months of 2024, until May 25. January, in particular, presents a clear indication that the work you engage in now could significantly contribute to enhancing your professional reputation, garnering attention and praise for your outstanding efforts.