Scorpio : The Scorpion of the Zodiac

Scorpio is renowned for outshining other signs in negotiations, particularly in high-stakes financial matters. Your third house, focused on contractual agreements, is buzzing with energy, indicating a likelihood of scrutinizing the details of a contract and making necessary adjustments. As discussions gain significance, especially following the arrival of the new moon in Capricorn at 21 degrees on January 11, having legal counsel, perhaps an attorney, becomes invaluable this month. While Mercury's clash with Neptune may suggest a need for careful examination of the deal, it doesn't necessarily imply it's unfavorable. Instead, it signals the importance of reviewing and modifying language to better safeguard your interests. Simultaneously, a positive and dynamic alignment from the Sun and new moon, as well as to Mars (one of your rulers), offers an electrically charged boost. With Mars in your favor, future success seems promising, and the Uranus influence in Taurus, your partnership house, signifies a strong rapport with potential business partners or collaborators. As talks progress swiftly toward a final agreement, it's prudent to engage your lawyer to ensure that no crucial points are overlooked and that the agreement is comprehensive and protective of your interests.